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Be Great at Math

If your student is struggling with math, or perhaps they just want to improve their grade, our personalized math tutors are the answer. There’s no such thing as ‘I’m bad at math.” Studies show that while individual talent may play a role in the early grades, it’s practice and a positive attitude that makes a good math student. That means everyone can do math!

Is your child smart but scattered?

Our qualified tutors adapt to your child’s learning style and help them to fill in the missing building blocks from their knowledge base. We also have an Academic Game Plan which will teach your child the study and organizational skills they need to be great independent learners.

Our one-on-one, in-home tutoring is convenient and it works! 95% of our customers would recommend us to a friend or family member.

Does your child need a tutor?

If your student lacks confidence or struggles with their homework, if their grades are dropping and they homework is a daily struggle, they may need a tutor. We help to assess your child’s level and their unique needs with a free consultation by an education consultant.

Once we know what your child’s unique needs are, we create a personalized program and an Academic Game Plan for them to achieve their goals.

Not only will your child enjoy the individual attention of their own tutor, but they will also have access to our Tutor Doctor 24/7 program which is an online program following the local Curriculum. Your child can access thousands of notes, tests and worksheets so they can learn anywhere, anytime.

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Our parents and students couldn’t be happier with Tutor Doctor. Read just a few of their success stories below!

  • I am very impressed with the services that Tutor Doctor has been providing my son. His grades and his confidence have improved dramatically over only 5 short weeks!

    He has learned skills that have reinforced the school program as well as things that he will be able to use in his future academics.

    Irrat Kahloon, Parent of Amesh
  • Since Tara has been spending time with Domenic we've noticed a significant difference, his confidence is starting to show and he is finally starting to enjoy going to school. He looks forward to his learning sessions with Tara, she is a wonderful, caring, outgoing and reliable individual.

    His grades and his confidence have improved dramatically over only 5 short weeks!

    Mary Battista, Parent of Domenic
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