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Grade 4 Math Tutor

Grade 4 Math Tutoring

In the fourth grade, math gets more conceptual and students will have to deal with fractions and decimals. It is very common for students to have trouble grasping the underlying principles of math as they move from the physical to the conceptual. If you notice your child is struggling, or you want to give them a boost to get ahead, this is a great time to get some additional in-home math tuition.

Our one-on-one tutors work with the local curriculum. In the fourth grade, students must master not only important mathematical concepts, but also the following academic skills:

  • Problem solving.
  • Reasoning skills including pattern recognition, classification and the investigation of conjectures through discussion.
  • Reflecting and monitoring their thinking i.e. by explaining to others why they think their solution is correct.
  • Ability to use a variety of concrete, visual, and electronic learning tools and appropriate computational strategies to solve problems.
  • To relate mathematical ideas and procedures to everyday contexts.
  • Make basic representations of simple mathematical ideas.
  • Communicate mathematical concepts orally, visually, and in writing.

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Grade 4 Math Sample Curriculum

Number Sense and Numeration

  • Read and compare numbers to 10 000
  • Understand decimal places 0.1 to 10 000
  • Count forward by tenths from any decimal number expressed to one decimal place
  • Add and subtract decimal numbers to tenths
  • Read and write in whole words numbers from 1-1000
  • Round four-digit whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand
  • Compare and order fractions (i.e., halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, tenths)
  • Count forward by halves, thirds, fourths, and tenths
  • Read and count money amounts up to $100
  • Addition and subtraction of four-digit numbers
  • Multiply to 9 x 9 and divide to 81 ÷ 9


  • Estimate, measure, and record length, height, and distance
  • Draw objects using a ruler with given measurements
  • Use a ruler to measure the perimeter of objects
  • Estimate and measure the perimeter of polygons
  • Estimate, measure (using an analogue clock) and represent time intervals to the nearest minute, elapsed time, hours, days, weeks, months, or years
  • Estimate, measure and record the mass of objects, the capacity of containers and the volume of objects
  • Understand perimeter and area

Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Identify quadrilaterals and three-dimensional figures and classify them by their geometric properties, and compare various angles to benchmarks
  • Construct three-dimensional figures using two-dimensional shapes
  • Identify and describe the location of an object, using a grid map
  • Identify and compare different types of quadrilaterals
  • Recognize angles and degrees (e.g. a right angle is 90º)
  • Construct prisms, pyramids and other three-dimensional figures

Patterning and Algebra

  • Identify and extend repeating and shrinking patterns involving two attributes (e.g. size, color, orientation, number)
  • Create a number pattern involving addition, subtraction, or multiplication, given a pattern rule expressed in words
  • Determine the missing number in equations involving multiplication of one- and two-digit numbers
  • Use the commutative property of multiplication to solve problems

Data Management and Probability

  • Collect data by conducting a survey then organize and display data using charts and graphs, including stem-and-leaf plots and double bar graphs
  • Read and interpret primary data and secondary data presented in charts and graphs, including stem-and-leaf plots and double-bar graphs and draw conclusions
  • Compare similarities and differences between two related sets of data
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